BLS CPR Certification Classes Near Me – Convenience and Cost-Efficiency

BLS (basic life support) is one of the shortest training courses you can undergo if some CPR knowledge and life support skills are a prerequisite for a job in your professional field. BLS and CPR are not one and the same thing and to choose the right course, you’ll need to understand what each one entails.

A basic life support courses focuses on the essentials of basic lifesaving. CPR encompasses similar techniques but it doesn’t focus on the clinical techniques. BLS certification could deal with topics like administering oxygen and other techniques used in clinical settings. As such, BLS certification is often considered a good choice for professionals in the healthcare field (while CPR training is suitable for everybody else).

If you do a simple online search and type “BLS certification classes near me,” you’ll come across dozens of opportunities. Examining the curricula and comparing the type of certificate you’ll receive upon successful completion of the program will help you understand the difference between the programs.

The Difference between BLS and CPR

BLS CPR Certification Classes Near Me

BLS CPR certification suggests you have the skills required to sustain someone’s life by responding to the specific type of emergency.

The American Red Cross, the American Heart Association and other nationally-recognized entities have put together BLS guidelines that are typically followed whenever a course is administered. Depending on the extensiveness of the curriculum, a BLS class can be completed in a couple of hours.

Some of the most important topics to be discussed include the following:

  • Scene size up and universal precaution (hand washing, patient consent, etc.)

  • Checking and stabilizing life vitals

  • CPR for BLS (in adults and children)

  • Most common alternatives to CPR

  • Choking treatment (in adults and children)

  • Self-help in the event of choking

  • Ensuring proper blood circulation

  • Ensuring the openness of the airways

As you can see, the difference between BLS and CPR is pretty subtle. In fact, high quality BLS online courses like the ones delivered by the American CPR Institute do have a basic CPR component. Such extensive courses are a very good choice for healthcare professionals but they may also benefit other experts (typically first responders and law enforcement personnel) arriving at the scene of an accident or a traumatic event.

BLS CPR certification is usually nationally-recognized and it will be valid for a period of several years (our BLS class gives you a two-year certificate upon the completion of the exam). If you want to find out a bit more about our online Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider course, please click here.

BLS CPR Certification Classes Near Me: Do I Need Such a Learning Opportunity?

BLS CPR classes near me don’t cost a lot but it’s still important to determine if this is the type of certification you need before enrolling.

A BLS certificate will usually be listed among the requirements when you apply for a certain job. Some of the professions that come with such a requirement include:

  • Doctors, nurses and other professionals working in a healthcare facility or a clinic

  • Dentists

  • Paramedics and EMTs

  • Firefighters

  • Police and law enforcement officers

The list gives you a good idea about BLS training and the fact that it’s a more niche certification type than undergoing CPR training.

Some of the people who need to know CPR basics but who aren’t required to complete BLS training include teachers, coaches, personal trainers, flight attendants, nannies and workplace safety guards. If you’re one of these professionals and you’re looking for a high quality CPR class, check out the following course.

Some other professionals that experience high risk levels on a daily basis may be required to get BLS training by state or local laws. Hence, check out the regulations and the career requirements for the field that you’re interested in.

BLS CPR Classes Near Me: The American CPR Institute Advantage

BLS CPR Certification Classes Near Me

If you need to learn basic life support skills and you want convenience, choose an online learning option like the one put together by the American CPR Institute.

We offer a comprehensive Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider curriculum. Enrolling in the course costs only 14.99 dollars. when you sign up, you’ll be given 24/7 access to the educational materials and the certification exam. Upon the successful completion of the online test, your certificate will become instantly available for download and printing.

American CPR Institute offers tailored, personalized certification programs that have been especially developed for different professional groups. All of our educational opportunities follow the American Heart Association (AHA), ECC and ILCOR guidelines. They’re also aligned with OHSA best practices.

The team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in delivering first aid/CPR training programs. We have actual hands-on experience in delivering CPR and BLS. This practical component of the online classes is probably the most valuable and distinctive advantage that we have to offer.

Through the years, we’ve had dozens of students joining our programs, completing them successfully and pursuing their career dreams. Our mission is to make online education readily accessible and affordable without making a quality compromise.

This mission has helped us establish a stellar reputation for the American CPR Institute brand. Testimonials and reviews provided by former students are predominantly stellar. Do check out our social media to learn a bit more about what others have to say.

Finally, we’re committed to giving students ongoing support and assistance throughout the duration of their online course (and even after). The personal touch and the attention to detail are needed in our view to shorten the distance and overcome some of the limitations stemming from the online learning environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Your chance to further your career is just a few clicks away.

Please check out the American CPR Institute online BLS certification program or contact the team now to have your questions answered.