Adult CPR

Adult CPR

Adult CPR has been proven to increase the chance of survival in a victim who has suffered from cardiac arrest. If treatment is provided early enough and correctly, you increase the chance of survival and the final outcome of the victim.

The body can be without oxygen and circulation for about 4 minutes and be stable. Between 4-6 minutes that’s when brain damage and organ failure starts to set in. After 6 minutes of no circulation, brain damage and oran failure is likely.

When 911 is called for emergency responders, it takes about 6-8 minutes before they arrive. That is right in our danger zone. If you have no proper training and simply stare at the victim, his chances or survival and final outcome start to significantly decrease.

Be prepared, Learn CPR no matter what format and be the difference. It’s better to be over prepared and not have to use any life skills but at least you have them. There are several ways to take up first aid and CPR training. There’s traditional classroom adult CPR courses, online and even self taught by watching videos online. Its up to you, not anyone else to be ready.

Once you have completed your training, stay current. Continue your education by having safety meetings at work, take more classes or look up videos online and social media. Your first aid knowledge should not stop once you take a 4 hours course. You should continue to embrace and learn. That being said, Accidents and emergencies always happen. Its up to you to prepare yourself.