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FAQ's about CPR Training

The American CPR Institute CPR / AED certification online provides all of the essential information about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, using an AED and acting effectively in the case of an emergency. The best aspect of the program is that it can be completed online in its entirety.

There is no practical portion and you don’t have to go to a specific venue to take your final exam. All of the steps are completed online and once you pass the test, you will immediately get your two-year, nationally-recognized certificate.

Reliable CPR / AED Certification Online

CPR and AED certification online opportunities are very beneficial for certain professionals. Depending on the career that you want to pursue, you may be required to get first aid and CPR training. This is where we come in, giving you access to high quality, affordable certification opportunities.

You never know when an emergency could strike and if this happens, you lack time to research and wonder about how to respond. CPR and AED learning programs, as well as first aid courses, are developed for the purpose of equipping you with the knowledge required to act fast.

American CPR Institute prides itself in the quality of all our educational materials.

Every single online course has been put together by a dedicated team of professionals who have decades of experience in the realm of emergency response. We’ve followed industry guidelines and we’ve also based the curricula on our actual experiences and the real-world situations we’ve faced over the course of our careers.

You can rest assured that when you choose one of the American CPR Institute certification opportunities, you are getting access to convenience, quality and a comprehensive educational program. For a better idea about the depth of the learning experience, you can check out the Curriculum tab on each of the individual course pages.

Reasons to Choose CPR and AED Certification Online

Online learning provides brand new opportunities to obtain a certificate in the most convenient way possible.

If you’ve never engaged in online learning before, you may be a little bit hesitant. We understand and we’d like to offer a set of reasons why online certification will make a ton of sense for you:

  • Study at your own pace: if you already have a job or you need to take care of a family, chances are that time is a precious resource. Going to regular classes may simply be impossible under such circumstances. Online learning puts you in charge. You decide when you’re going to study and for how long. You have 24/7 access to the educational materials and it’s also up to you to determine when you’re ready to hold the final exam and receive your certificate.
  • Access to many certification opportunities: depending on the place where you live, there could be limited access to CPR/AED certification opportunities. Online learning enables you to choose from a much vaster range of courses. You can select the programs of reputable entities that you wouldn’t have been given access to otherwise.
  • Affordability: online learning is much more affordable than going to a class. If you’re trying to get your certificate on a budget, this is the one certification chance you should be pursuing.
  • Nationally-recognized certificate: the certificate you’ll get by joining a high quality, reputable online learning opportunity will further your career anywhere in the US. American CPR Institute’s certificates are nationally, even internationally recognized. They’re valid for a period of two years, giving you a chance to work on the long-term evolution of your career.
  • You can study at home: and isn’t that a massive benefit? Home is the place where most of us feel comfortable. It’s easier to focus and make the most of a learning opportunity when you’re in a familiar environment.

Testing, Certification and Our Guarantee

All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? Still, you may have some additional questions about getting your CPR / AED certification online from American CPR Institute. How long does the process last? How difficult is the test? What happens if you don’t pass the exam portion of the program the first time around?

Each of our first aid, CPR and AED certification opportunities concludes with a multiple choice exam you need to take to receive your certificate.

Exams cover the topics and information discussed in the curriculum. If you’ve gone over all of the course materials, you will have no problem finalizing this last portion of the certification program. Upon its completion, your certificate will become instantly available for download and printing.

Here’s one more very important benefit you will enjoy if you choose an American CPR Institute course.

All of our learning opportunities are covered by our iron-clad money-back guarantee.

The premise is simple – you only pay if you pass your exam and receive your certificate. This means you have nothing to lose. To learn a bit more about our money-back guarantee policy, please visit the FAQ section of the website.

Let’s Get Certified!

Starting the CPR/AED certification process is very easy – go to courses and enroll in the one that you like the most. Currently, we offer two CPR/AED options – a standard CPR/AED class and a course that brings together CPR and first aid.

Both of these will give you a two-year certificate and you can get started immediately. Once you sign up, you’ll be provided with full access to all of the course materials, as well as the final exam.

Don’t forget that the American CPR Institute team is here to help you during every step of the way. While online learning opportunities provide a ton of technical benefits, we also believe in the importance of actual human communication. Thus, if you have any questions or you need some assistance, get in touch with us immediately. We’ll do our best to respond quickly!

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