Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider (BLS Certification) American CPR Institute 2020 ILCOR and AHA and ECC Guidelines

Adult, Child, and Infant CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Cardiopulmonary Emergencies. Valid for 2 Year, Only $24.99.

LessonsTrainingValidityILCOR, IHA & ECCExam AttemptsCostWallet CardCert. & Download
For Medical Professionals
2 Years
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TrainingMedical Professionals
Validity2 Years
ILCOR, IHA & ECCCompliant
Exam AttemptsUnlimited
Wallet Card3-5 Business days by US Mail
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Online Basic Life Support Certification Online: Overview

Basic life support classes online (BLS Provider Certification) provide excellent opportunities to learn and master important techniques you can use in the event of an emergency. American CPR Institute has developed an extensive, cost-efficient and entirely web-based course you can count on to meet your certification needs.

Our basic life support training for healthcare providers goes way beyond basic topics and techniques. By going deep, we aim to teach you about everything you need to do to ensure the out of hospital survival of a person that’s gone through a medical emergency.

As already mentioned, the course is designed for the needs of healthcare professionals and medical service providers, as well as first responders and other professionals who may have to address emergencies in their line of duty.

The American CPR Institute online BLS certification process is 100 percent remote. You’re free to go through the course materials 24/7, as long as you’re in possession of an internet-enabled device. When you’re done with the learning process, you will simply need to pass a final exam. You will receive your certification upon its successful completion.

We have worked really hard to bring together the best possible quality at the lowest price. Our course curricula are extensive, going into many details and scenarios you may face in real life. This abundance of information will help you feel confident and prepared to take on all kinds of challenges, including life threatening situations.


BLS Certification That Is Right For You

Did you know that 58.3 percent of healthcare professionals and other individuals who face medical emergencies as a part of their job receive inadequate scores on their BLS preparedness? A recent report published in the BMC Health Services Research journal shows that out of 140 doctors, nurses and dentists enrolled in the study, only one professional got perfect results in terms of administering basic life support. The average score for doctors was 53.5 percent, for nurses – just 38.4 percent.

There’s still sufficient room for improvement. And it’s a pity not to acquire the needed skills and competences as the process can be completed quickly and efficiently online.

Basic life support isn’t just about knowing the right techniques like CPR or using a defibrillator. You also need to build your psychological resilience and your confidence in the ability to address an emergency situation. In addition, you will have to sharpen your critical thinking and your problem solving skills to undertake the most effective course of action in a potentially complex situation.

BLS Certification for Healthcare Workers

Keep in mind that BLS recommendations and guidelines change all the time to be reflective of newest findings and research. The American CPR Institute basic life support course follows ILCOR, AHA and ECC guidelines to give you access to compliant and comprehensive knowledge that meets various niche standards.

BLS training online is a perfect choice for those working in medical facilities, hospitals or healthcare facilities. Even if BLS certification isn’t a job requirement, you can still enjoy the numerous perks linked to completing such a course. The biggest one, needless to say, is the knowledge that you could potentially save somebody’s life in the event of an emergency.

If you want to learn a bit more about the details of the American CPR Institute basic life support training, don’t hesitate to explore the course’s curriculum

Online Basic Life Support Certification Cost

Our online BLS certification course has been created as an intentionally affordable options just about everyone can afford.

At American CPR Institute, we believe that CPR and BLS training should be more readily accessible than it currently is. This is why we embraced the online format and also assigned the lowest possible price to each learning opportunity in our portfolio.

The online basic life support certification is currently available for $24.99 dollars. You will also benefit from our money-back guarantee. If you do not complete the course successfully to receive a certificate, you’ll get your money back.

If you are considering enrolling a larger group of people in the online certification program, don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about the cost.

BLS Certification Test

Before getting your basic life support certificate, you’ll need to pass a test that covers all of the course topics and the essentials you’ve learned.

The test can be completed online anytime you feel ready to take it on. It consists of 20 questions and you need a 70% score in order to pass. Upon the successful finalization of the online exam, you will get a digital certificate that’s immediately available for download (standing as evidence of the successful program completion. Check out our reviews here.

Recertification Procedure

Your basic life support certificate issued by American CPR Institute is valid for a period of two years. After that period ends, you’re free to retake the course in order to extend certification for two more years. This way, you’ll be making sure that you’re familiar with the latest guidelines, techniques and BLS recommendations.

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