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CPR/AED and First Aid American CPR Institute 2020 ILCOR and AHA ECC Guidelines/ILCOR First Aid Task Force

Adult, child, infant CPR / First-Aid Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Valid for 2 Year, Only $24.99.

LessonsValidityCostILCOR, AHA & ECCExam AttemptsWallet CardCert. & Download
2 years
3-5 Business days by U.S. Mail
Validity2 years
ILCOR, AHA & ECCCompliant
Exam AttemptsUnlimited
Wallet Card3-5 Business days by US Mail
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AED, First Aid and CPR Certification Online: Overview

Every single person should know how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and how to deliver first aid in emergency situations. With such an extensive range of training opportunities out there, you simply don’t have an excuse.

American CPR Institute has put together a comprehensive online CPR and first aid training that also focuses on the correct usage of an automated external defibrillator (AED). The course is completely web-based. There is no classroom component or a practical training to attend before you receive your certificate.

Our online AED, First Aid and CPR certification can be completed in just a few days. You’ll only need a computer, smartphone or internet-enabled tablet. Study materials are at your disposal 24/7 so that you’re in control of the speed and the specifics of the learning experience. Go back over the most challenging topics as many times as you need to before moving on to the final exam.

All of the American CPR Institute courses are conceptualized and created by people who have the right training and years of hands-on experience. You can rest assured you’ll be given access to educational materials that meet ILCOR, AHA and ECC guidelines.

Taking an AED, first aid and CPR class is so easy and it will demand just a little bit of your time. But there are many other important reasons why you should be looking into such learning opportunities.

The right kind of first aid and CPR training will give you the skills required to save someone’s life. A large number of medical emergencies occurs out of hospital settings. Nearly 400,000 people die every single year of a sudden cardiac arrest. Many of these people could have been saved through the administration of adequate first aid, sustaining their life until a medical team arrives.

CPR Saves Lives, Make a Difference

According to the American Heart Association, 70 percent of the US population has not undergone a first aid and CPR class. As a result, the vast majority of people is clueless about the best course of action in the case of a medical emergency.

When CPR is performed correctly, it can double or even triple a person’s chance of survival following a heart attack or another emergency that deprives the body of oxygen. A person that goes just four to five minutes without oxygen can sustain permanent and irreversible brain damage. Only eight minutes without oxygen will lead to death.

Do you want the confidence you’ll get from the knowledge of all essential first aid and CPR techniques? This confidence will help you act in an emergency and save a life, instead of just remaining on the sidelines and regretting your inability to do anything.

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A CPR and first aid training program will teach you how to take care of the people you love, your colleagues and even individuals you don’t know (it’s easy for someone to have an emergency on the street or at a restaurant you’re attending).

American CPR Institute has you covered with high quality, easily accessible training materials. We develop extensive curricula that address the basics and the more intricate aspects of saving human life. For more information about the CPR, AED and first aid training, please go over the course curriculum or get in touch with us to have your questions answered.

AED, First Aid and CPR Training Cost

Some learning opportunities can be quite expensive, which discourages most people from enrolling. At American CPR Institute, we’re committed to making practical and life-saving knowledge affordable.

We have worked really hard to reduce the expenses related to getting AED, first aid and CPR training. Currently, the online course can be completed for just $24.99 dollars. When enrolling in the program, you will also benefit from the American CPR Institute money-back guarantee. If you don’t complete the course successfully to obtain your certificate, we will issue a complete refund.

If you are considering enrolling a larger group of people in the online certification program, don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about the cost.

Certification Test

The final part of the AED, CPR and first aid online training program is passing the final exam. The test is designed to cover all of the essential topics you went over during the training.

The first aid, CPR and AED final exam consists of 20 questions. It’s entirely web-based and can be accessed through our digital platform. You’ll need a score of 70 percent to pass the exam and get certified.

Upon the successful completion of your test, the first aid, CPR and AED digital certificate will become available for immediate download and printing.

Recertification Procedure

Your CPR, AED and first aid certificate is valid for a period of two years. After the end of that period, you’ll simply need to take the online course once again to get recertified. Check us out on Google.

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