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First Aid Certification Online American CPR Institute 2020 ILCOR and AHA ECC guidelines/ILCOR First Aid

Blood Control, medical emergencies, traumatic injuries. Valid for 2 Year, Only $19.99

First Aid Certification Online
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2 years
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Validity2 years
ILCOR/ OSHACompliant
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First Aid Certification Online: Overview

Do you need to complete a first aid certificate course? The short answer is yes. The longer answer concentrates on your ability to address emergency situations in an adequate way, helping people who have been hurt or who have suffered a serious medical problem.

The good news is that first aid certification online does exist. Reputable, well-established entities with decades of experience like American CPR Institute make such learning options both readily available and affordable.

We believe that everyone should acquire the knowledge required to save lives. This is why our first aid certification online course is 100 percent web-based. You can study at your own pace and access the course materials 24/7. You can go back, review challenging parts of the course and create a personalized learning methodology that addresses all of your needs.

The American CPR Institute’s first aid certification online is great for just about everyone – from the teacher working with toddlers to the stay-at-home-dad. It examines numerous issues and real-life situations to equip the student with practical knowledge and confidence to handle emergencies quickly and adequately.

From introducing you to the first aid kit to guiding you through trauma, broken bones, head injuries, strokes and allergic reactions (to name a few), the course is a comprehensive catalogue of everyday medical emergencies and the ways in which these should be handled until professional medical assistance becomes available.

We live in a world that’s generally unprepared to handle medical emergencies and trauma.

This is a major pity, taking in consideration the fact that obtaining first aid certification is a quick and easy process anyone can complete in just a couple of days or a few hours. Our first aid certification online course is easily accessible.

Learn First Aid and Make a Difference

Did you know that when asked, 59 percent of Americans report they don’t feel prepared enough to administer first aid or attempt saving a life? Of all parents, a shocking 21 percent don’t recognize the importance of first aid training. What’s even more shocking, 57 percent of parents admit they wouldn’t do anything to address an injury their child sustained until a medical team arrived.

Very often, however, there isn’t enough time to wait for assistance. A blocked airway can result in death within just three to four minutes. Often, it takes ambulances about eight minutes to reach an emergency address.

First aid assistance often makes the difference between life and death. Many life threatening conditions can be stabilized, giving a person fighting chance and an opportunity to await the arrival of trained professionals.

In this sense, first aid training is for everyone. If you want to sharpen your skills, learn about different emergencies and get trained about the best course of action in each, you’ll definitely need to pursue an opportunity like the one developed by the American CPR Institute.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about what the first aid training has to offer, please check out the course curriculum. Please keep in mind that our online first aid training meets ILCOR, AHA and ECC guidelines/ILCOR First Aid Task Force to provide you with knowledge that follows the strictest official criteria.

First Aid Certification Online Course Cost

American CPR Institute is committed to two things –quality and cost-efficiency. All of our online courses and trainings are created to offer students extensive knowledge without costing them a fortune.

The first aid training itself can be bought for just $19.99 dollars. On top of that, every single student will benefit from the American CPR Institute money back guarantee. You will only pay us if you pass the final test completely. In other words, you are guaranteed to get a certificate or you’ll receive your money back.

If you are considering enrolling a larger group of people in the online certification program, don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about the cost.

Certification Test

To end the program, you will need to complete a final exam. Its successful completion will give you access to an online certificate that can be downloaded and printed out immediately.

Our first aid certification online course final test consists of 10 strategic questions that cover the key topics within the curriculum. You will need to get a score of at least 70 percent to pass the test successfully and get your first aid training certificate.

Recertification Procedure

The first aid certificate you’ll receive upon the successful completion of our online training is valid for a period of two years. When it expires, you’re free to take the American CPR Institute first aid training once again to extend the duration of your certification period. Recertification is needed occasionally as first aid guidelines are frequently modified to ensure better reaction in the case of an emergency. Not only will you brush up on the skills that you’ve already acquired, you’ll also potentially acquire new first aid skills. Sign up for our first aid certification online today! Read our Google reviews here.

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