Can You Take CPR Certification Online During Covid-

Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has wreaked havoc into our lives. Social activities got discontinued, remote work became the norm and many classes/trainings had to be postponed.

While we’re moving away from complete lockdowns and quarantines, large gatherings are still not recommended.

If you need to complete your CPR certification right now, you could be wondering about the safest ways to get the job done. CPR certification online is one of the viable options. It’s a perfect choice to get certified for the very first time or to renew a certificate that may be expiring.

How to Safely Obtain a CPR Certificate During a Global Pandemic

We did experience various slowdowns as a result of Covid-19 but life is gradually starting to get back to normal. If you’re thinking about obtaining a CPR certificate (whether for career or personal reasons) in a safe way, you’ll need to keep a few essentials in mind.

For a start, Covid-19 has definitely increased the need for extensive CPR and first aid knowledge. The coronavirus has been known to cause breathing difficulties, cardiovascular problems and even respiratory failure. Almost 20 percent of the people who become infected need to be hospitalized due to severe breathing difficulties.

Covid-19 has added new challenges to the first response scene. Thus, many professionals will be required from now on to know how to handle and address such situations.

So, what are the opportunities for safe and effective CPR training and certification?

CPR certification online is one of the best choices, especially if you live in an area that’s still characterized by a high number of Covid-19 cases. Although mask wearing has been proven to reduce the risk of infections significantly, it still doesn’t ensure 100 percent protection. Thus, attending classes could cause worries and anxiety (especially for people who suffer from chronic medical conditions or are at a higher risk of having serious Covid-19 complications).

Online CPR certification is readily available. Many institutions provide CPR and first aid online certification opportunities, some of them better than others. It’s up to you to choose a course or a certification program that’s nationally-recognized and that will give you a valid document upon completion.

Choosing the Best CPR Certification Online

Every CPR training online course has its distinctive characteristics. Always do your research before signing up for an opportunity, especially if it seems too good to be true.

We’ve previously discussed the basics of becoming CPR certified online. Please check out the guide to find out everything you need to know about the steps and the process you’ll have to go through.

Choosing the right certification opportunity is the first essential you’ll need to tackle.

To do so, examine a couple of details.

Always start with the credentials of the institution that provides CPR and first aid training online. Some entities are affiliated with the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association, for example. They follow all guidelines for course provision, ensuring the quality of the educational materials.

Speaking of materials, always go through the curriculum before signing up for CPR certification online. Reputable service providers should give you access to such information before any payment has been made. Make sure that the course addresses all important topics – scene sizing up, precautions to take before administering CPR, patient consent, legal specifics, performing CPR, checking for response, etc. You can see an example of a detailed course curriculum here.

Once you make sure that the learning opportunity is comprehensive enough, do pay attention to a few additional essentials.

For a start, compliance is important. The best CPR courses online should be International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR), American Heart Association (AHA) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) compliant. If you need online CPR training for professional purposes, make sure that the course also takes into account OSHA guidelines.

Finally, make sure you will be receiving a nationally recognized certificate. Check its validity and whether the certificate meets requirements for certain professional fields (healthcare service providers, for example, will have more rigorous requirements as far as CPR certification goes).

You Can Get or Stay CPR Certified During a Global Pandemic!

The fact that Covid-19 has changed the way we do many things doesn’t mean you should refrain from pursuing education or your dream career.

Luckily, online education is developed enough to give you convenience, safety and specialized knowledge in a difficult time. It’s simply a matter of doing enough research and finding the courses that best address your needs.

Obtaining an online CPR certificate or getting an expired one renewed is a viable choice. You will be provided with extensive learning materials and all of the knowledge required to deliver CPR adequately upon necessity.

Some people worry about lacking the hands-on experience an actual class provides. Still, a comprehensive enough course will give you the confidence and understanding of all techniques you have to master. If you need to, you can attend a live class or a demonstration once things get back to normal. At the time being, however, you’ll have the core training that will be sufficient to save lives in an emergency situation.

You Can Start Your Online Certification Process Right Now

Entities like the American CPR Institute give students access to a wide range of CPR courses and educational materials. Check out our offerings to determine which course meets your needs in the best possible way.

The entire process is online-based, allowing you to complete the course at your own pace. When done, you can take an exam online. And if you pass the test successfully, your certificate will become available for immediate download.

Getting CPR certification could be the thing needed to build a solid and successful career. Don’t postpone your dreams because of Covid-19 and explore the benefits of online certification programs. If you have questions about online CPR certification, you can always get in touch with us


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