Where Can I Get Affordable First Aid Training Online

First aid training can save lives. It takes very little to enroll in such a course and acquire essential skills. In addition, many professions have a requirement for such licensing. In order to improve your chances of scoring a job, you should most definitely look into getting certified.

Unfortunately, we live in financially challenging times. The Covid-19 pandemic, rampant inflation and the stock market rollercoaster have all contributed to some uncertainties. Thus, you’re probably looking into opportunities to save some cash while still getting access to essentials.

Is it possible to find affordable first aid training online that still offers excellent quality? The short answer is yes. In order to discover such programs, however, you’ll need to dedicate a bit of time and effort to research.

Looking for Affordable, High Quality Online First Aid Training

Doing a simple online search will reveal lots and lots of cheap opportunities. In fact, free first aid trainings are also available and these may seem quite tempting for someone who’s short on cash.

Before signing up and wasting your time, however, you should definitely complete a couple of steps to verify the quality of the course:

  • Course provider credentials: who’s going to be teaching you essential, life-saving techniques? Choose first aid training that’s being provided by licensed and experienced professionals. If you can’t find anything about the course creator’s credentials, you should probably steer clear of the opportunity.
  • Curriculum: legitimate first aid and CPR training online providers will reveal the full curriculum before you sign up. The curriculum gives you a good idea about what you’re going to be learning. Here’s an example of what a reliable first aid training program should look like.
  • Certificate specifics and validity: what kind of certificate are you going to receive upon the completion of the program? Will it be nationally-recognized? A cheap online training program should still give you a license you can use upon necessity. Do seek programs that are ILCOR/OSHA compliant. You could also look into recertification opportunities provided by the same entity. These will ensure convenience and ease whenever your first aid certificate expires.
  • Cost: online first aid training does tend to be more affordable than classes you have to attend in person. The cost, however, shouldn’t be the primary thing you examine before signing up for an opportunity. Always look at the cost in relationship to the other essentials already mentioned here. This way, you can determine the program’s price to quality ratio.

Finally, you may want to check out customer support.

Even the best platforms could run into technical issues. Alternatively, you may have some urgent questions that need to be answered quickly. Having a chance to get in touch with a reliable customer service team will be essential for the resolution of such issues.

Where to Find Affordable, High Quality First Aid Training Online

Now that you know what to look for, let’s discuss the search for cost-efficient online first aid training.

If you need first aid training for a particular purpose (like a job, for example), you can ask for a recommendation. An employer can give you a good idea about the accredited programs that make sense and that are also within your budget. Often, companies will be paying for first aid training. In that case, they may have specific requirements as to the courses that their employees take.

In the absence of such a recommendation, you can always look at online reviews and testimonials.

The experiences other students have had with a particular learning opportunity can be very enlightening. Always seek detailed reviews that make specific statements. Take note of both the positives and the negatives. If you can identify particular trends as far as reviews are concerned, chances are that such information is trustworthy.

A First Aid Training Opportunity Worth Exploring

American CPR Institute offers reliable learning opportunities that are both thorough and reasonably priced.

Depending on your needs, you can join our online first aid course or the combined CPR/AED and first aid course.

All of our courses follow the American Heart Association (AHA), EEC and ILCOR guidelines. Also, the team has extensive experience in delivering online classes and first aid certification programs. We do have actual hands-on experience, which adds a practical and actionable element to all of the training programs.

The first aid training is available for just 14.99 dollars. When you complete the program successfully, you’ll receive a nationally-recognized certificate that’s valid for a period of two years. After your certificate expires, you can easily access the recertification opportunities that American CPR Institute provides.

We firmly believe that our training programs offer extensive knowledge and thorough, up-to-date information you’ll rarely find elsewhere at such a price.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, we also need to mention the American CPR Institute guarantee. You will only pay for the program if you pass the final exam successfully and receive your certificate. This way, you have nothing to lose when signing up for the course.

Don’t hesitate to enroll in the online program now or contact us if you have some additional questions that need to be answered first.

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    Cesar Robles

    First Aid Training Online is much more affordable and accessible when compared to traditional in class room training. It is about the 3rd of the cost which is a huge savings during these hard times. The course covers the same exact material you would learn in a classroom setting.

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